Safety Equipment

Maxisafe are trusted safety equipment suppliers in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of the highest quality products.  The Trade Place are part of Maxisafe’s ‘Preferred Distributor’ Network.

We supply everything from heavy-duty hand protection to functional eye protective wear, giving you a comprehensive range of personal safety products that cover the needs of the toughest Australian industries.

We design, develop and manufacture all of our Australian standards compliant personal safety equipment to meet the highest industry standards. At Maxisafe, you only get safety supplies and products that you can truly rely on.

Check out our range of Maxisafe products below.

Blue Grippa Latex Glove

G-Force Grippa Cut 5 Glove

‘Blue Flame’ Premium Kevlar Welder’s Glove

‘Green Fusion’ Premium Welder’s Glove

‘Black & Gold’ Welder’s Gloves

BLACK SHIELD Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

MaxiPak Silicone Half Mask ‘Painters’ Respiratory Kit

Maxisafe’s “MaxiPak” ‘Silicone Painter’s Kit is the premium choice for painter’s requiring respiratory protection from fumes.  Includes P2 Particle filter with retaining cap.  Conveniently packed in a resealable storage container, providing protection for the respirator and filters.  Mask is made from 100% Silicone for maximum comfort.

P3 Particle Pre-Filter

Always keep a clean pre-filter fitted to your main filter, and you can be sure of longer filter life. Superb low-cost protection against liquid splashes and coarse particles before they reach the main filter. Use a pre-filter at all times. Great effect at a tiny cost. It’s the smartest thing you can do.

A2 Organic Gas Filter

Yellow Day/Night Safety Vest

Orange Day/Night Safety Vest

‘Kansas’ Safety Glasses

‘Portland’ Safety Glasses

‘Visispec’ Safety Glasses

‘Atlanta’ Safety Glasses

‘Dallas’ Safety Glasses

Maxisafe ‘549’ Safety Glasses

Maxisafe ‘MaxiPlug’ – Corded

MaxiPlug Uncorded Blister Pack

Maxisafe Supa-Aural Quiet Band

‘MaxiClip’ Glove Clips


Star Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Calibrated Mixing Cups