Glassthane is an ultra premium two pack gloss acrylic polyurethane topcoat. It provides a tough, flexible finish with excellent colour and gloss retention. Well suited for glass and timber kitchens.
Superior colour reproduction through Uni-Tint mixing system available in full colour range of architectural, Industrial, Corporate, AS2700, fine, Medium and coarse metallic colours.
Mirakote has been specially formulated by The Trade Place to give the glass industry a stunning mirrored finish to any glass surface.  Recent advancements in technology have given this unique spray-on mirror process a higher standard in finish, performance, durability and ease of application.
This enhanced formulation is a ready for use single pack, with unmatched performance and increadible ease of use.  The key to protecting mirakote is the High Tech 2k engineered miraback. With a unique blend of resins and a correct balance of solvants creating a durable, fast protective film build.