Booth Filter


Complete Filter Media sets, including ceiling filter pads and exhaust filter rolls.  Also can be included Andraea concertina filters and pre filters.  Examples of booths we support:

  • Lowbake
  • Seetal
  • Arden Car & Truck
  • Spray n Bake
  • And many more. You give us the cuts you require & we'll process it for you

At Booth Filter Warehouse, we hold a huge stock here in our East Coast offices.  And the prices you see advertised on our website include GST and free shipping*

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Eutech Fiber Glass Exhaust Filters are specifically designed to collect the paint overspray from your coating application. Applicable for down draft, semi downdraft and cross draft paint booths. This very efficient media will ensure less frequent replacement and eliminate the paint over spray adhering to booth hardware causing malfunction & damage:

  •   500mm x 22m
  •   610mm x 22m
  •   760mm x 22m
  • 1000mm x 22m
  • 1250mm x 22m
  • 1350mm x 22m
  • 1500mm x 22m
  • 2000mm x 22m



Eutech Ceiling Filter Media is made of super-long heat-welding and anti-breaking synthetic fibre and adhesive surface treatment.  Features include:

  • Low initial resistance
  • Large dust holding capacity
  • Flexible
  • Outlet side with net or cloth mesh to reinforce

Our range of ceiling filters can be cut to size to fit your booth, or sold by the following rolls:

  • 1.05m x 20m (560G)
  • 1.25m x 20m (560G)
  • 1.61m x 20m (560G)
  • 2.10m x 20m (560G)
  • 1.61m x 20m (660G)
  • 2.10m x 20m (660G)


Andreae Cardboard Filter Media is unique in design and working principle.  Andreae Filters hold more paint particles than other exhaust filter media while maintaining uniform air flow around the parts being sprayed.

This contributes to a cleaner air environment for the worker and the community at large. Andreae Filters are EPA compliant, easy to install and dispose, and last longer than fiberglass, expanded paper, polyester or styrofoam media.


  • 0.9m x 9.1m Andreae Carboard Filter Media
  • 0.9M x 9.1m High Efficiency Andreae Carboard Filter Media
  • 1.0m x 10m Andreae Cardboard Filter Media

Also Available:

Pre Filter Roll 300G (2.1m x 20m)


Paint Pocket Media (0.76m x 22m)